Pubble is a homebrew Puzzle Bobble style game for the PlayStation 3 supporting up to 5 players on a single PS3. If you don't have that many sixaxis controllers, you can plug in standard USB joysticks and use those too!

This screenshot should give you an idea of what the game is about...

pubble screenshot

This isn't the finished version of the game - very soon, I'll be adding a tutorial mode, a better credits screen and later on I'll be allowing internet play also. But, all the essential gameplay is there if you just want to play with your friends at the moment!

I'm a great fan of open source software, so this game is free to download and share with your friends, as long as you keep the copyright notices intact. There are other portions of the software for which I do not own the copyright, such as the music and the font, so this is particularly important. They're OK to distribute as long as the associated copyright notices are left intact.

If you really like the game and want to make a donation then you can use the PayPal Donate icon at the bottom of the screen. You're under no obligation to, although it will certainly be appreciated and will definitely encourage me to add the internet support sooner rather than later. Feel free to choose whatever amount you'd like to donate, although due to PayPal fees it's not worthwhile on anything less than GBP 1.00 (about US$2). If you do make a donation, be sure to also drop me an e-mail to let me know so that I can make sure you get a copy of any upgraded versions in the future.

You can also obtain the source code via the python-ps3 project. Pubble was written using python-ps3 - a games library for the PS3 that allows rapid development using Python and provides fast graphical operations by using the PS3's Cell processor. If you're interested in programming for the PS3, then drop me an e-mail if you have any difficulties with the python-ps3 library - I'm always adding lots of new features, but not all of them are well documented yet...